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Kerala, the land of 44 rivers, has always been obsessed with hygiene. The state, famed for its unique healthcare model, set the standards in cleanliness for the rest of the country. Urbanization and industrialization, however, came at a price. The state now produces thousands of tonnes of municipal solid waste, with a major chunk of it, predictably, from its five city corporations including Kochi. 

With waste management taking centre stage, it is time to look at new-age solutions.

With conventional methods like landfills and incineration leading to environmental and social issues, the focus is on recycling waste and reuse it as a variety of products such as manure or even construction materials. About 80 percent of municipal solid waste in the state comprises compostable organic material. Let's find buyers for the waste our towns and cities produce.

Clean Kerala introduces a wide range of waste management solutions. Companies who do everything from waste collection to disposal, companies who make waste collection vehicles and equipment, who manages landfills, who makes and maintains incinerators, who recycle waste and those who actually hunt for recyclable waste to use as raw material in their businesses

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