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The premier show in Kerala to focus on waste management and cleaning technologies.

When: September 3-5, 2013

Where: AJ Hall, Kaloor, Kochi, India

Clean Kerala 2013 is Kerala’s premier business-to-business summit dedicated to waste management and cleaning technologies. The event, to be held on September 3-5 in the port city of Kochi, will focus on the latest innovations in personal, domestic, industrial and municipal cleaning. On show will be everything from e-waste management and automobile cleaning to pest control and pet hygiene.

More than 100 companies and consultancies from all over India and abroad will participate in Clean Kerala 2013 at AJ Hall, Kaloor. They will showcase the latest innovation and equipment that could be utilized to keep communities, enterprises and households cleaner and healthier. In a nutshell, the show offers consumers a one-stop shop for all their cleaning needs.

Clean Kerala 2013, supported by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board and Suchitwa Mission as well as various trade bodies and residents’ associations, is an attempt to offer solutions for the problems of waste management and public sanitation. While half the cure lies in policymaking and public awareness, we believe we can find answers from experiences from across the globe.

Clean Kerala is conceived as a talking show. A related seminar on “ideas in cleaning methods, waste and water management” which will bring together all stakeholders and strive to fuse public needs and business concerns.

Why Clean Kerala

The event offers the exhibitor a gateway to a large untapped market spread across the southern state of Kerala, which records the largest per capita expenditure in India. With a huge share of expatriates working all over the globe, the state leads the way in foreign remittance and consumerist ambitions. The nouveau riche of the state, exposed to modern lifestyle innovations, is looking for state-of-the-art equipment and services in their home state.

Clean Kerala’s declared objective is to satisfy the cleaning demands of the state’s highly consumerist population. This show was just waiting to happen.

Compared to other Indian states, Kerala is a metropolis in itself. Rural-urban distinction is a blur here. If you travel from Thiruvananthapuram in the south to Kasaragod in the north, a distance of over 550 kilometres, you would find an unbroken urban landscape bubbling with commercial activity. Kerala has the third-highest monthly per-capita expenditure in urban India. Its rural per-capita expenditure, the highest in the country, surpasses the urban metrics in most other states.

For perspective, Clean Kerala offers you a market with 33 million people, compared with 18 million in the most populous city in India, Mumbai.

Let’s explore the specifics. Kerala is one of the three states, along with Delhi and Himachal Pradesh in the north, to get a major share of their gross domestic product from the services sector that includes information technology, healthcare and tourism. Kerala’s booming IT and IT-related services industries are scrambling for ways to cope with a mounting e-waste crisis. Anyone with a viable solution can mop up orders from prestigious companies at the Clean Kerala show.

Kerala is famed for its unique healthcare model. A ubiquitous network of hospitals has made the state a hot destination in international medical tourism. Hospital administrators and civic authorities, however, are alarmed by the unprecedented levels of medical waste produced each day. Clean Kerala team’s discussions with hospital management show that these institutions are scouting for solutions to treat their waste and keep their premises sterile and clean.

A similar situation is prevalent in the tourism industry in “God’s Own Country”. The state, hailed as one of the 50 places to visit by the National Geographic magazine, hosts hundreds of tourists every season. The hotels and restaurants of the state are constantly trying to match or exceed international standards. Cleaning, understandably, is their priority. Captains of the hospitality industry in south India has promised their participation in Clean Kerala.

Clean Kerala, the premier show related to waste management and cleaning solutions in Kerala, brings together the policymakers, industry experts and facility managers of private enterprises. We consider it a privilege to invite you to participate in the show. Please feel free to ask for any detail.

August 20, 2013



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