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When an extensive healthcare system met speciality hospitals in the last couple of decades, Kerala became the hub of medical tourism. The state-of-the-art hospitals and an enviable reserve of doctors and paramedics, the healthcare system was the state’s new brand ambassador.

To keep the hospitals healthy, however, is a herculean task. Studies say at least 15 percent of the waste generated by hospitals is infectious and another 5 percent pathological. This is apart from sharp objects like needles which are again capable of infecting handlers.

This is an area where we cannot afford to compromise the safety of the general public as well as the waste-handling professionals.

Clean Kerala showcases the latest trends and technology in hospital and medical waste management. We can tap the products and services from specialized companies who are leaders in their chosen fields. By helping our hospitals find better ways to dispose waste, we can contribute to the general health and sanitation.

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