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Why Exhibit?

Clean Kerala offers you a market with 33 million people, compared with 18 million in the most populous city in India.

Clean Kerala 2013 comes at a time when the southern state is seeking solutions for an unprecedented garbage crisis. Local governments are working overtime to treat the municipal waste pile. Enterprises and households are looking at ways to keep their premises clean and treat waste at source. This is the time to showcase your innovations and mop up orders.

Marketing doesn’t get any more direct. Introduce your products to the policymaker, the business leader as well as the consumer looking for an everyday solution. Being a specialized trade show, Clean Kerala attracts those buyers who you had in mind while designing your equipment and services.

Clean Kerala Expo 2013 presents a unique opportunity to meet key decision makers in various industries. They are looking for innovative cleaning solutions, new product and service suppliers, upgrade their equipment and establish lasting business relations. This global expo showcases one of the largest concentrations of purchasing power in the industry.

What to expect

  • Meet buyers face to face
  • Launch and demonstrate new products
  • Promote your company and brands
  • Obtain feedback and conduct market research
  • Build prospect databases and generate sales leads
  • Position your company as a market leader
  • Network with new and existing clients
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Generate media exposure

Who to expect 

  • Policymakers
  • Facility Managers and Direct Buyers
  • Consultants and Financial Controllers
  • Contract Cleaners
  • Bureaucrats
  • Business leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Housekeeping managers
  • Small and midsized enterprises
  • Homemakers
  • Trade journals

How to exhibit (Apply online)

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