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about us

Clean Kerala was formed out of a few questions. Why would a state famed for its cleanliness start to implode under its own weight (waste rather)? Is it a problem of culture or infrastructure? Has our traditional tools failed to tackle the problems of modernity? We pursue these questions and try to find answers in consensus.

Clean Kerala attempts to strike a balance in our waste management methods. It envisages a household equipped to reduce its waste by better treatment and a municipal body capable of handling whatever is left out. On both fronts recycling would hold the key. We should try to change the uberconsumerist attitude and reduce wastage.

One of our objectives is to dust tried and trusted traditional methods for treating waste at the first level. Think of earthworm compost. There are flowerpot-size compost systems available in Kochi and not many know about it. We facilitate the introduction of such innovations to the consumer and find a stable market for the innovators in the process.

We try to form discussions to find solutions for the local government representative searching for ways to remove the waste pile on the road side, the businessman struggling to keep the unit clean, the home maker worried over the stink from the kitchen and the waste management worker who toil day and night to ensure a hygienic environment for all of us.

Enieo Exhibitors

ENIEO specialises in branding, advertisement and promotions of its clients. The firm does everything from conducting events to making promotional films. ENIEO’s exhibition wing has a long list of customers including the Southern Naval Command and the Infopark, Kochi. ENIEO Exhibitions conducts business-specific shows and events.

ENIEO employs the best talent in the industry to provide our clients innovative ideas and services. We have the right mix of experienced resources as well as young minds that bring a fresh approach to the table. Keeping in mind the various sectors of the industry that we cater to, ENIEO employs highly skilled creative professionals.

Corporate Office:
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